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Erhard (エルハルト Eruharuto ?), usually simply called the Weapon Shop Owner is a blacksmith and a weapon shop owner in the castle town of Melromarc. He is the only shop in Melromarc to carry Shields while others didn't carry it for religious reasons


He is not bound by the nation's religious view and was willing to sell equipment for money.He is a good judge of character, as he was able to suspect Malty's claim of rape and also of Nafoumi's innocence. He doesn't have a narrow minded view on Demi-humans, as he was willing to teach Raphtalia some sword fighting style.


He has a shaved head and darker skin with well build body.





Both Erhard and imiya's uncle were taught under the same master.He used to be a adventurer in the past and moved on.According to Malty, he runs the best weapon's shop in the capital city


Erhard is the owner of the weapons shop most frequented by Naofumi. He is the go-to person for when Naofumi needs equipment, repairs, and advice. He used to be an adventure and was able to fend off the Spirit Turtle's familiars, but says that it's all in the past and doesn't with to talk about it but he's suspected to be at least level 70.


The Rising of the Shield Hero

Devil of Shield Arc

On the first day of summoning, Erhard sold weapons and armor to Naofumi and Malty Melromarc.

After hearing of Naofumi's crimes he's appalled by him and request to hit him but ultimately refrains. Instead, he loans Naofumi a set of basic clothes.

Naofumi returns with Raphtalia. Erhard sells Naofumi some clothes and a weapon.

When Raphtalia's weapon breaks Naofumi returns to Erhard's shop and purchases a sword for her. Erhard gives Naofumi a whetstone to help him take care of the weapon and with it Naofumi is able to unlock the Whetstone Shield.

Erhard makes the Barbarian Armor for Naofumi.

Erhard helps Naofumi make cloths for Firo.

Erhard Naofumi, Firo, and Raphtalia have a BBQ together.

Erhard sells Naofumi a magic embedded sword for Raphtalia.

Erhard makes the Barbarian Armor version 2 for Naofumi.

Erhard makes an Iron Carriage for Firo to pull for Naofumi.

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Cal Mira Island Arc

Naofumi goes to his shop bringing with him materials collected from Cal Mira Island including the Penguin Plush, the Karma Dog Claws, and the Karma Rabbit Sword as well as many other smaller items with the hopes of getting them repaired and upgraded. While he's there he thanks Erhard for helping prove him innocent of Malty's rape charge. c114


Spirit Turtle Arc

He is able to upgrade them into the Firo Plush, the Usauni Sword and the Inulut Claw respectively. He also manages to make the Speckle Spear using the remaining Karma Penguin ingredients. c115


Slave Supremacy Arc

Revisited by Naofumi, Erhard explains that the shields he requested last time are not ready. Although he has made a couple of samples, they are not refined enough to be considered a shield. The first is far too heavy to be useful and the second lacks sturdiness. The complications are due to the fact that almost all of the Spirit Turtle materials have a bad affinity with the Air Wake feature, feature that's supposed to make heavy armor lighter. Despite those problems he did finish making the Speckle Rapier and gives it to Naofumi. c148


World's End Arc


Towards the Legend Arc


Side Stories

The Christmas of Shield Hero


The Valentine of Shield Hero


The White Day of Shield Hero


The Reset of The Spear Hero Gaiden

Loop 1 to 3 - Tutorial Arc


Loop 4 - Silt Welt Arc


Loop 5 - Melromarc Arc


Loop 6 - Foburei Arc




Nafoumi didn't think much about Erhard in the beginning. But, Erhard grown to be the most trusted ally of Nafoumi. Nafoumi was also moved by Erhard trust and support for him. Nafoumi gives most of the project to Erhard and prefers him over anyother expert.Erhard refrain himself from telling Nafoumi about the nation's religion view on shield hero, fearing of hurting his feelings and sometimes he was cutoff from the topic by Nafoumi himself. Nafoumi also openly told about the weapon duplication technique and other heroes utilization of it. Erhard also advice Nafoumi to visit other shops to get much more better weapon but Nafoumi denies it.



Erhard was worried about Raphtalia first, but found her to be in good hands.Erhard was more surprised by her feminine charms.He also noticed Raphtalia's growth and her feelings for Nafoumi are unnoticed by the latter and feels pity for her.He treats her as a friend and was her first swords master.