Fohl is a young boy who fought in the Colosseum to earn money for his younger sister's medicine. He was later sold into slavery, where Naofumi bought him as a slave along with his Sister Atla.


Fohl is very protective of his younger sister Atla, he feels that he is the only one that is able to protect her from danger, and he refuses to trust anyone else in that respect. Though when he knows that it's for the good of his sister he will swallow his pride for Atla's sake.


Fohl seems to be around 12 years old and appears to be healthy. His hair is black and white and with just a glance, Naofumi could grasp that he was of a higher quality than the other slaves. His ears are thick and roundish for a cat, and his tail has impressive black and white stripes.

While his pupils are blue, a portion of his iris has vertical stripes. The whites of his eyes give off an intimidating look and his savage facial expression spoke of his wild nature.

His level was 32, despite his appearance is fairly young for a level 32.


Beast transformation



Fohl is half human and half Hakuko. He is the nephew of Aultcray. Aultcray's Sister was the mother of both Fohl and Atla.

For an unknown reason Fohl and his sick sister were on their own when he fought at the Colosseum to earn money for his sister's medicine, later they were both sold into slavery where they were both purchased by Naofumi.


Volume 11